Saving History Saturday: Adams County Historical Society Receives $1 Million Challenge Grant

The Adams County (PA.) Historical Society recently announced that they have received a $1 million challenge grant towards their new history center.

Gettysburg residents Pauline and David LeVan have issued the “all-or-nothing” challenge. This means that if ACHS can raise $1 million by February 10, 2023, the LeVans will match it with their own gift of $1 million.

According to the ACHS, if successful, the combined funds would pay all the costs of the history center and museum, leaving the project debt-free. The museum will house Gettysburg-area artifacts that go beyond the town’s Civil War history.

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ACHS has already raised more than $700,000 towards the $1 million goal. The museum is expected to open in Spring 2023. To find out more about this project and the Adams County Historical Society, click here.

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