What If on Video

As we get ready to wrap up our “What If” festivities, here’s a reminder to check out the great content we posted on the ECW YouTube page. We tapped some fantastic guest stars for this video series, including Curt Fields and Thomas Jessee, Eric Jacobson, Tim Smith, Greg Biggs, Brian Matthew Jordan, Will Greene, and Ted Savas. We heard from “emerging voice” Joe Ricci and some ECW stalwarts like Dave Powell, Kris White, and Chris Mackowski.

For the full run-down:

Curt Fields on U. S. Grant’s greatest What If.

Thomas Jessee on the What If he’s asked most often when portraying Robert E. Lee.

Dave Powell on What If William S. Rosecrans had opened the Cracker Line at Chattanooga.

Joseph Ricci on the What If of Spring Hill, Tennessee.

Eric Jacobson on the What Ifs of Spring Hill and Franklin.

Tim Smith on the What Ifs of Shiloh.

Greg Biggs on What If U. S. Grant went up the Tennessee River after the fall of Henry and Donelson?

Chris Mackowski’s two-part series on What If Stonewall Jackson had survived Chancellorsville and What If Stonewall Jackson was at Gettysburg.

Ted Savas on the gunpowder What If.

In May, we asked Will Greene to explain the tantalizing opportunity Federals lost at Snake Creek Gap prior to the battle of Resaca.

And finally, Ted Schubel, news director at Fredericksburg’s NewsTalk 1230, captured excerpts from two Symposium talks: Brian Matthew Jordan’s and Kris White’s. We’re pleased to share them:

Videos:  Brian



Videos:  Kris



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