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If you didn’t get enough of a fix for yesterday’s anniversary of the battle of Antietam, don’t forget the Emerging Civil War YouTube page has some great content that might help you scratch your itch. If you check out our Antietam playlist, a highlight will be a series on “on location” videos that Dan Welch and Kevin Pawlak shot around the battlefield.

Some other goodies include:

Huzzah for Antietam: Emerging Civil War’s Chris Mackowski makes a quick stop at Antietam National Battlefield’s Sunken Road for a chance to appreciate the simple pleasure of being on a battlefield. (3:01)

Pope, Porter, & Politics: Emerging Civil War historians Chris Mackowski, Kevin Pawlak, and Dan Welch talk about John Pope, George McClellan, and the man caught between then, Fitz John Porter, in the fraught political environment of August and early September 1862. (1:09:25)

Into the Weeds at Antietam: Emerging Civil War historians Kevin Pawlak, Dan Vermilya, Kris White, and Chris Mackowski get into the weeds–and the cornstalks–talking about the battle of Antietam. (1:12:22)

Antietam’s Final Attack: Kevin Pawlak explains the landscape where the final Confederate counterattack of the day took place, spearheaded by the brigade of Gen. Lawrence O’Bryan Branch. (3:35)

In the Wake of Antietam: Antietam National Battlefield Guide Kevin Pawlak retraces an overlooked aspect of the American Civil War in the Eastern Theater, the Loudon Valley Campaign of 1862 as part of the 2020 Virtual Emerging Civil War Symposium. (42:36)

Exploring Antietam with a First-Timer: Emerging Civil War’s Terry Rensel had never been to Antietam before–until Sept. 16, 2020. ECW’s Chris Mackowski gave him a tour and got Terry’s reactions. (15:51)

The Antietam Institute: Emerging Civil War’s Chris Mackowski talks with historian Brad Gottfried about the new Antietam Institute, dedicated to promoting a greater understanding of one of the war’s most important battles through new scholarship, in-person programs, online resources, and philanthropy. (35:07)

A three-part interview with Andrew Dalton, Brian Baracz, and Tim Smith about a recently discovered map by S. G. Eliot that showed detailed locations about burials at Antietam.

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  1. I viewed all of these videos, including the “in the weeds” segment. OUTSTANDING. The videos, together with several ECW books on Antietam, will serve me well as I prepare for my upcoming trip in early October. The American Battlefield Trust maps help a great deal. Thank you for the series.

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