ECW Podcast: Civil Wars and Reconstructions in the Americas

What do Mexico and Argentina have to do with the American Civil War? Historian Evan Rothera joins the Emerging Civil War Podcast to talk about his new book, Civil Wars and Reconstructions in the Americas. Rothera offers a new take on international relations during the war and after, looking not east-west across the Atlantic but north-south across hemispheres.

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2 Responses to ECW Podcast: Civil Wars and Reconstructions in the Americas

  1. Venezuela also had a Civil War in those years (1859-63) called “Guerra Federal”. However, I could say there was Civil War in Venezuela that lasted almost a century, since the War of Independence until the first decade of the 20th century, an unstable nation going from revolution to another revolution during all that time, with many local militias, called “montoneras” led by “Caudillos”and the nation lost half of its territorry during those years.

  2. Really enjoyed reading the book and listening to the discussion. Great comparative analysis!!!

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