Forward March! Emerging Civil War Unveils New Website Design

As you may have noticed, looks have improved on the Emerging Civil War website and blog! We are so excited to unveil our new design, and send a big thank you to Childress Agency for their expertise to capture the vision we wanted to create for the website.

Today, we resume a regular schedule of blog posts.

Over the next few weeks, we will continue to make small improvements and adjustments to the website. For example, adding more feature photos, improve the author pages, and adding more images to the book and podcast pages to make navigation easier and more eye-catching. We knew these improvements would be added after the design launched, and it’s no fault of the of the new system…just bringing in some updates to old pages and posts!

As you’re looking around the new site, we hope you’ll enjoy the new features.

Leave us a comment about what you like and what might be helpful for improvements or areas in need of edits. Websites are always evolving, and with over 7,000 blog posts and dozens of pages on this one, we know that things slide through that should be corrected or that we simply miss because we’ve gone googly-eyed looking for the things to fix.


4 Responses to Forward March! Emerging Civil War Unveils New Website Design

  1. I like it a lot. Such a cleaner, attractive look. And I think dividing everything into their own sections that are easy to browse is the best part.

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