Symposium Spotlight: A Symposium Top Ten List…

Last month our dear friend Joe Lafleur shared an outstanding Top Ten list of why you should attend our upcoming symposium and it was just too good not to share with a wider audience. Joe has been a longtime attendee and passionate supporter of ECW and he does a great job of highlighting the education, networking, and camaraderie that brings back so many of our attendees year after year.

  1. The friendship, camaraderie, and professional networking that’s a staple of these get togethers. They’re fun to attend with similarly minded folks of diverse sub-interests.
  2. The opportunity to see, meet, and hear (an always excellent keynote speaker) author Tim Smith. (Questions about Conquer or Perish immediately come to my mind)
  3. The chance to meet and get to know many of the growing numbers of established, ECW authors, ask them questions, and have them sign books. Always many, various books for sale.
  4. The time to talk, socialize, and discuss which directions new scholarship may be heading or not.
  5. The ability to meet and chat with up and coming new authors and bloggers with fresh perspectives on diverse topics.
  6. A great reason for most of us to focus on the often neglected Western Theatre, Grant’s developing generalship, and general scholarship of the Western battles.
  7. The number and variety of the participants. You can find others that write about or are interested in the same Civil War sub-topics as you (i.e. small battle, specific regiment or company, hospital or religious care…).
  8. The superb lineup of speakers – always talks that interest you and lectures you didn’t know you were fascinated about but now are.
  9. The lively conversations concerning the theme of the Symposium: 1863 – The Great Task Before Us, which will include the Vicksburg Campaign and maybe a more balanced assessment of Grant’s developing Generalship.
  10. Finally, the Mackowski’s and their teams; MC Chris and the ECW staff working all year, along with our Hostess Jennifer and the Stevenson’s Ridge staff, pull the whole shebang off as great education and entertainment in a very comfortable setting with excellent food and drink. 

Full details and registration links for the 2023 Symposium are available here on the ECW website. Early Bird pricing is only available through December 31 and seating is limited, so be sure to reserve your seat today!

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  1. Happiest Holiday Blessings and Wishes to all my ECW friends! Thanks for posting this. Upon reading it (again), I was reminded I hadn’t bought my ticket yet, and that not only was the early bird special nearly gone but I’d be very upset and feel extra stupid if it sold out before I got mine.

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