Year in Review 2022: Symposium

At the 2022 Emerging Civil War Symposium, we took the plunge and headed into a different theme for the event “What If?” Taking the opportunity to explore known history and then consider alternate (though still realistic) possibilities helped the real history come to life in fresh perspectives.

Garry Adelman gave the keynote presentation, taking a journey through some of the great “what ifs” of Gettysburg. Other speakers through the weekend included Brian Matthew Jordan, Neil Chatelain, Phill Greenwalt, Sarah Kay Bierle, Jon Tracey, Gordon Rhea, Zack Fry, and Kris White. Other historians also participated on the much-requested discussion panels. We wrapped up the weekend with a tour at Slaughter Pen Farm (Fredericksburg battlefield) led by Chris Mackowski and Kris White.

Check out the photos and blog posts from the “What If?” Symposium in our archives: 2022 Symposium

For 2023, we’ll be circling back to more “traditional” history interpretation and exploring “1863: The Great Task Before Us” with plenty of battle and campaigns on the soon-to-be-previewed speaker/topic list!


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