Year in Review 2022: Emerging Civil War Podcast

The Emerging Civil War Podcast is co-hosted by Chris Mackowski and a revolving cadre of ECW’s contributors, and we’ve spent the year chatting with an award-winning line-up of historians from a wide variety of backgrounds with a wide variety of interests on a wide variety of topics. Starting in April 2022, we’ve also made it easier than ever to access our free episodes! Find or follow Emerging Civil War on Spotify and Apple Podcasts to keep up with our two episodes per month.

A quick glance shows 19 new podcasts released this year, starting our new release schedule in April. We want to give a shout-out to Edward Alexander and Jackson Mackowski for being part of the behind-the-scenes production and distribution team! We’ve got more episodes already in the “hopper” and can’t wait to share more emerging conversations with you in the new year.

Check out the archive of episodes here: ECW Podcast

2 Responses to Year in Review 2022: Emerging Civil War Podcast

  1. Thanks, I have enjoyed the many podcasts. The Gallagher interview motivated me to read volume 2 of the Catton Trilogy on the AOP.

  2. Thanks for listening! Please let us know what sorts of topics you might be interested in in the future.

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