Year in Review 2022: Guest Authors

2022 brought a number of very talented guest authors to the ECW community. Over 30 authors submitted their work and shared their unique research and perspectives on the blog in over 60 posts. Interested in adding your name to the list for next year? See our submission guidelines here.

Our list of guest authors in 2022 included the following people:

Richard Abramson

Bruce Allardice

Heath Anderson

Jeff Ballard

Katy Berman

Adam Burke

John M. Coski

Gina Denham

Kevin C. Donovan

Zachary A. Fry

Hugh Goffinet

W. Todd Groce

Mark Harnitchek

M. Keith Harris

Richard Heisler

Max Longley (now a full member at ECW!)

Ed Lowe

Lloyd W. Klein

Shelly Liebler

Nathan Marzoli

Scott L. Mingus, Sr.

Evan Portman

Ben Powers

Mark Quattrock

Alexander B. Rossino

Stuart W. Sanders

David Steinert

Patrick Kelly-Fischer (now a full member at ECW!)

Tim Talbott (now a full member at ECW!)

Anthony Trusso

Douglas Ullman, Jr.

Gregory L. Wade

Dan Walker

Patrick Young

To all the authors listed – Thank you!

You can check out all of the guest posts here. 

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