Question of the Week: 1/2-1/8/23

Do you have any Civil War battlefields, museums, or other historic sites on your “to visit” New Years resolutions?

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  1. Yes. I moved to Tennessee (from California) about 6 months before Covid-19 hit. It really put a damper on my exploration/adventure plans. I have a friend coming out to visit this summer and we’ll use the battlefield locations as a way to explore Tennessee.

  2. Sherman’s march to the sea, and then up to Durham NC where Johnston surrendered to Sherman.

  3. Laugh at myself…I’ll join the TN chorus…although at this point it’s more of a “bucket” list item. And I’d love to join you all in VA in Aug, but that depends on my partner’s travels(she goes to a variety of academic conferences and we don’t have anyone currently to take care of our fur babies) and my mobility.

  4. I’m looking forward to return visits to Mobile, New Orleans, and Vicksburg this year. I haven’t been to New Orleans since 1988, so I’m especially looking forward to that one!

  5. When I visited North Anna, it was a state park. I understand further interpretation and preservation have occurred in recent years. So I would like to visit it again. While in the “neighborhood,” I will visit some of the Richmond area sites that I have not seen.

  6. What is a recommended Civil War site to see in London? Thanks – planning a puddle jump this year. Now that I have the book, “One Continuous Fight,” I plan to drive that.

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