Symposium Spotlight: Chris Kolakowski

Welcome back to a new installment of our 2023 Emerging Civil War Symposium Spotlight as we begin announcing the speaker list! This week we feature longtime ECW member Chris Kolakowski.

Christopher L. Kolakowski is Director of the Wisconsin Veterans Museum in Madison, WI. He received his BA in History and Mass Communications from Emory & Henry College, and his MA in Public History from the State University of New York at Albany.

Chris has spent his career interpreting and preserving American military history with the National Park
Service, New York State government, the Rensselaer County (NY) Historical Society, the Civil War
Preservation Trust, Kentucky State Parks, the U.S. Army, and the MacArthur Memorial. He has written
and spoken on various aspects of military history from 1775 to the present, and is the author of five
books on the American Civil War and World War II in the Pacific. He is a contributor to the Emerging Civil
War Blog, a Senior Fellow of the Consortium of Indo-Pacific Researchers, and a reviewer and contributor
to the Air Force Journal of Indo-Pacific Studies.

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3 Responses to Symposium Spotlight: Chris Kolakowski

  1. Great to the see “the other Polish Chris” will be returning this year! He was my predecessor as President of the Hampton Roads Civil War Round Table and is a great guy and an outstanding historian. Looking forward to his presentation!

  2. I’ll tag onto Glenn’s comment that our gang over on the Peninsula surely miss the programs that Chris presented to our Williamsburg CWRT. It will be a treat for everyone to welcome Chris back to the Old Dominion.

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