Jolly Ol’ England, Here I Come!

I get to take my first-ever trip to England later this spring, and I couldn’t be more psyched! I’ve been invited to speak at the U.K.’s American Civil War Roundtable spring conference, April 14-16, 2023, in London. And super-exciting to me is that I get to be on the bill with Frank O’Reilly, a longtime friend and mentor and all-around good guy. We’ll be talking about various aspects of the 1864 Overland Campaign.

I’ve been to Uganda and China, and I’ve had airport stop-overs in Brussels and Tokyo, but I’ve never had the opportunity yet to visit England. A bucket-list item of mine has been to visit Stratford-upon-Avon, the home and burial place of William Shakespeare, so that will be a real jewel in the crown for this trip for me. I want to stop in Oxford and pay my respects to J. R. R. Tolkien, as well, and I look forward to a visit to Westminster Abbey to visit the graves of the poets. (Can you tell I’m a writer?) I have a bunch of other items on the itinerary, as well.

Darren Rawlings of American Civil War and U. K. History, and a good friend of ECW’s, has kindly offered to show me around, so I’ll have an especially historical-minded guide during my time there. I’m wicked pumped!

Tickets for the event are still available (an announcement more for our readers in the U.K. than elsewhere, but anyone is welcome to attend, so if you’re looking for a cool Civil War vacation, this is a great excuse for a trip!)

7 Responses to Jolly Ol’ England, Here I Come!

  1. Try to visit theTower of London, lots of old history, and even Henry the 8th suit of armor, which is amusing. Also, look right then left when crossing the street.

  2. I can see the Mackowski household now: “Honey, I’m off to a Roundtable discussion on the Overland Campaign on the Mars Colony.”…lucky dude. I was in England in 1973 in college, where I saw Jeremy Irons AND Professor McGonagall–er, Smith-on stage in London. Went to Oxford with my long suffering spouse in 1987 B.K.–Before Kids–and saw an exhibit celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the English publication of The Hobbit. Amazing place! See Blenheim Palace and honor the Duke of Marlborough! And Apsley House, home of the Iron Duke. Just one request—please bring me home a Laird Ram!
    Be safe!

  3. You could also visit the grave of Capt. John Low who served on the CSS Florida, CSS Alabama, and the CSS Tuscaloosa. He is buried at St. Thomas’ church in Golborne.

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