Question of the Week: 3/20-3/26/23

Choose your spring campaign…

If you had to go on spring campaign with a Civil War force, which campaign do you choose and why?

(Let’s qualify a “spring campaign” as one that starts between March 20 and June 21.)

6 Responses to Question of the Week: 3/20-3/26/23

  1. Being among those forces that broke through at Petersburg in early Spring 1865. The race was on, and the feeling of inevitability had to have been quite compelling on both sides.

  2. I’d have liked to see the Tullahoma Campaign firsthand. And as campaigns go, your odds were pretty good of making it out of that in one piece

  3. I would like to have Hookers Chancellorsville Campaigning continue through on what he started. He did everything right until he hesitated.

  4. Ima staying’ here in Washington, drinking coffee and waiting for the trees to bloom!

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