Shiloh: Day to Night on the Battlefield

The story of the battle of Shiloh in photographs. Sunrise to sunset. Day to night. Battle to silence.

A summer sunrise bathes Union artillery at in front of the George Manse cabin at Shiloh National Military Park, Tennessee. (Chris Heisey)
The Tennessee Memorial stands in the vortex of Shiloh’s killing fields. (Chris Heisey)
A pondhawk dragonfly makes its home by Shiloh’s Bloody Pond. (Chris Heisey)
Union artillery faces the attacking Confederates at Sarah Bell’s peach orchard. (Chris Heisey)
This impressionistic image shows a spooked deer bounding through Duncan field. (Chris Heisey)
Shiloh Church stands as it did 161 years ago. (Chris Heisey)
Hundreds of Confederate wounded soothed their thirst here at Water Oaks Pond. (Chris Heisey)
In the fog of Shiloh, the a monument to Iowa soldiers stands as a silent sentinel. (Chris Heisey)
The April 6th heavens look down upon Fraley Field on the 157th battle anniversary. (Chris Heisey)

5 Responses to Shiloh: Day to Night on the Battlefield

  1. I think Shiloh was the turning point of the war. Sherman almost got killed in the opening shots. If grant gets pushed off the battlefield (which almost happened) he would have been lucky to be fighting Indians in the west. Without Sherman or Grant I see the war lasting long enough for a peace Democrat beating Lincoln and the war ending. Just my two cents.

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