Question of the Week: 4/24-4/30/23

Which river with Civil War history is your favorite? Why?

11 Responses to Question of the Week: 4/24-4/30/23

  1. The Mississippi River, because it is the key and so much time, lives, technology, effort. etc. was devoted to the Mississippi River.

  2. The Tennessee River, for several reasons, stands out in my studies. 1) Though you can still visit Fort Donelson, on the Cumberland River, Ft. Henry which had bbeen on the Tennessee River during the Civil War, is now under the water of Kentucky Lake. Grant’s control of both of these forst was key to a successful campaign, up river at Pittsburgh Landing (forever emblazoned on American consciousness as the Battle of Shiloh).
    2) With the Union designation of “The Army of the Tennessee”, confusion is introduced by the Confederates opposing them with their “Army of Tennessee” (referring to the state).
    3) As critical to transportation and Confederate logistics as was Corinth, Mississippi, it was the more-than-a-day’s-march-away, wide river that turned northward about 50 miles east of Corinth that drew the attention of two large armies into a massive, two-day battle.

  3. The Yazoo River … one of those steamy, swampy, winding western Mississippi waterways from the Vicksburg Campaign that the Confederates successsfully defended in early spring ’63 against U.S. Grant’s Yazoo Pass Expedition … another early joint army/navy operation, and it’s got a cool name.

  4. I love the humble Monocacy River in Maryland. While surely not as consequential as the Mississippis or Rappahannocks of the world, it was the scene of some fierce fighting in July 1864 at “The Battle That Saved Washington.” And its headwaters just happen to be Marsh Creek and Rock Creek, both really important in the Gettysburg campaign. Also, I just dig it. It’s a beautiful little river. There is a beautiful C & O canal aqueduct where it meets the Potomac.

  5. The Rio Grande: There’s a clear through-line from the Mexican War and some of the origins of the Civil War through to Sibley’s 1862 campaign.

  6. I would say the Mississippi too. It was the key to dividing the Confederacy. I also am really interested in the Siege of Vicksburg. Good question!

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