Question of the Week: 5/1-5/7/2023

In your opinion, who’s the best general at Chancellorsville? Why?

5 Responses to Question of the Week: 5/1-5/7/2023

  1. The best General at Chancellorsville on the Confederate side was Robert E. Lee for having the audacity to make the decision to split his army and order Jackson’s flank attack. On the Union side it was, in my opinion, George Gordon Meade for recognizing the predicament of Lee’s army at Salem Church where he could significantly damage Lee’s army only to be ordered by Hooker to pull back, and for his actions in shoring up the Union defensive line on May 3-4.

  2. I’ll say Jubal Early. His efforts delayed Union movements from the Fredericksburg area and protected Lee and Jackson’s operations against Hooker’s main body.

  3. No love for poor ol’ Hooker, trying to conduct a battle with a massive brain injury? Alas…

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