Peaceful Seasons, Bloody Land: Spotsylvania Battlefield

On May 12, 1864, one of the major attacks unfolded at the “Mule Shoe” Salient near Spotsylvania Court House with Union troops bursting into the fortification; Confederates counter-attacked, and the fighting turned hand-to-hand in some of the most intense and bloody combat up to that point in the war.

This Salient is now preserved within the national battlefield, and the scene is far different. Peaceful.

A lonely spider web is draped on the fescue on Laurel Hill at Spotsylvania. (Chris Heisey)
Ominous storm clouds loom over the Mule Shoe salient. (Chris Heisey)
The 15th New Jersey Monument along the Bloody Angle captured in infrared light. (Chris Heisey)
A lone pine stands witness near the McCoull House site at the Mule Shoe salient. (Chris Heisey)
Confederate artillery stands upon the eastern face of the Mule Shoe salient. (Chris Heisey)
Ice drips from Confederate artillery near the Harrison House site. (Chris Heisey)
Snows blankets hallowed ground where the Union Second Corps attacked on May 12, 1864. (Chris Heisey)
A Giant Swallowtail butterfly peacefully feeds along the ridge of Laurel Hill. (Chris Heisey)
A spring sunrise greets the dewy fields around the Bloody Angle. (Chris Heisey)

7 Responses to Peaceful Seasons, Bloody Land: Spotsylvania Battlefield

  1. Beautiful photographs. I remember being there and the (summery) pictures bring it all back.

  2. The juxtaposition of the story that took place there against the modern natural beauty is sublime. Thanks for sharing that beauty.

    1. Chris, the skilled writing instructor, captured the feelings that I had in my visits to Spottysylvania.

  3. Amazing pictures. Thanks for sharing.

    It never ceases to amaze me how serene and peaceful it is on any number of battlefields I have visited over the years.

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