Question of the Week: 6/5-6/11/23

Spotlight on cavalry!

What’s your favorite unit that fought at the battle of Brandy Station (June 6, 1863)?

8 Responses to Question of the Week: 6/5-6/11/23

  1. 8th New York Cavalry commanded by Benjamin F. “Grimes” Davis. A home town unit. Largely recruited from the Rochester NY area.

    1. I agree. They also escaped surrender at Harper’s Ferry and captured a wagon train and supplies while doing it. Colonel Benjamon Franklin Davis was en excellent leader.

  2. 5th US Cavalry. William Trego’s painting of their charge at Gaines Mill was the cover image for my Virginia 1862 book.

  3. The 124th New York ‘Orange Blossoms’ – my home county unit who fought well near St. James Church

  4. In order to maintain peace in my divided household, I nominate the 7th VA Cavalry. My wife’s great-grandfather was an officer in the 7th and was wounded by a saber blow.

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