Symposium Spotlight: John Mosby & The Gettysburg Campaign

Welcome back to our spotlight series, highlighting speakers and topics for our upcoming symposium. Today, we continue to feature previews of our speaker’s presentations for the 2023 Emerging Civil War Symposium. This week we feature Kevin Pawlak’s topic.

John S. Mosby

John S. Mosby was already an accomplished partisan leader by the summer of 1863, after only six months of operating in northern Virginia. Maj. Gen. J. E. B. Stuart trusted Mosby and his skills at gathering intelligence. Mosby played a major role in one of the Civil War’s most controversial military actions, Stuart’s ride to Gettysburg. He provided critical information to help Stuart determine his route and encouraged his chieftain to take the daring raid. After the war, Mosby was an ardent defender of Stuart’s actions in June and July 1863. Some believe his defense of Stuart was due to his important but little known role in the planning of Stuart’s Ride to Gettysburg.

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  1. Mosby is a very important character in the war and it’s history for so many reasons.

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