A Visit to Sherman’s Headquarters in Monterey, California

In a quest to view all things Sherman, I recently ventured to Monterey, California to view the building used by then Lieutenant Sherman as he supervised work at the Presidio Military Park.  He and, for a time, Henry Halleck used the adobe building located at 510 Calle Principal as headquarters.

The front of the building has been allowed to deteriorate to show the adobe work that would not be obvious painted. The undistinguished building has a simple wooden door and one window as you view it from Calle Principal. However, the entrance through the Larkin compound in back is stunning. A beautiful garden greets the visitor with climbing roses and all manner of succulents.

The garden and compound were constructed in 1834 by Thomas O. Larkin, a businessman and diplomat who generously donated space to army personnel. The compound is now part of the Monterey State Historic Park.

Sherman made use of the building from 1847 to 1849.

A bronze plaque on the front of the building identifies it as the headquarters of General William Tecumseh Sherman (though he was just a lieutenant at the time he inhabited the building).

A well-warn wooden door marked entrance to the building from Calle Principal.

A rear entrance to the Larkin compound is adorned with climbing roses.  Some call Sherman’s building the Sherman Rose House.

The author stands at the back door of Sherman’s headquarters. A view through the window reveals a spartan single room and hearth, unadorned by much furniture.

The rear entrance of Sherman’s headquarters in Monterey.

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  1. I believe that Sherman made the first report back east about the discovery of gold.

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