Question of the Week: 7/17-7/23/23

Which is your favorite regiment at First Bull Run? Why?

7 Responses to Question of the Week: 7/17-7/23/23

  1. The 33rd Virginia cause they turned the tide of the battle! Dressed in blue uniforms like many units outfitted in different color uniforms during that first battle they overrun Griffin’s Battery on Henry Hill. Also scattering the 11th New York Volunteer Infantry Regiment (Ellsworth’s Fire Zouaves) the support troops for the battery. Sorry Meg! Capitalizing on this Jackson orders his troops to charge and capture Rickett’s guns. Leading eventually to the Union retreat!

  2. What I find interesting about the units is (aside from how inexperienced everyone is) the fact that there are several short-term units, as well as units that will soon disband and reorganize. There were two Ohio regiments whose terms of enlistment ended right after the battle, and they reformed and fought the rest of the war in the west. The 1st Arkansas was there, then transferred to the west. The New Hampshire regiments were short term volunteers and disbanded after the battle. There were no Pennsylvania troops at the engagement- they had volunteered early in the spring and their 90 days was already up. Those facts are all fascinating to me.

  3. The redshirted First Minnesota. The highest ranking Confederate prisoner of the battle was captured by one of them.

  4. The 5th Massachusetts. Their enlistment ran out and they stayed on to a man mere days before the fight.

  5. 2nd Vermont. They were dressed in Doeskin gray but arrived too late to turn the tide. I wore that militia uniform during the paraide through Manassas during the 150 reenactment.

  6. A little late, but the 4th SC Inf as they were first to engage on Matthews Hill and also that my gg grandfather was there and wounded as part of Co. H.

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