Question of the Week: 8/7-8/13/23

Which Gulf Coast location with Civil War history is most interesting to you?

10 Responses to Question of the Week: 8/7-8/13/23

  1. Southeastern coast of Texas to include Galveston southwest to Mexican border. Galvston ws to become a large financial and seaport center by 1900 and The Great Storm which killed over 6,000 people.

  2. Mobile Bay, specifically forts Morgan and Gaines, both very interesting places to visit. Plus we saw our first alligator the morning we drove to Fort Morgan from Gulf Shores!

  3. Pensacola. Where Slemmer stared down Chase, and then Bragg; and the Civil War almost began.

  4. Wilmington – The stratagies to hold and the stratagies to take it are both interesting. I would like to see more on both aspects. Yes, it is not gulf coast located but it held the same advantages of those on the gulf.

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