Question of the Week: 9/11-9/17/23

Harpers Ferry, South Mountain, Antietam, or Shepherdstown…which location do you find most interesting to study in the Maryland Campaign?

(Or another campaign location?)

10 Responses to Question of the Week: 9/11-9/17/23

  1. Antietam. It encompassed all the pther places mentioned in the question. It’s like “All roads lead to Antietam”. Or away from there.

  2. Not quite what you are asking, but the Mountain Laurels were in bloom around the North Carolina Monument on South Mountain when my husband and visited on Memorial Day weekend, and the sight was unforgettable.

  3. South Mountain. Take the drive from Fredrick through Middletown to Boonsboro! Beautiful countryside, interesting stories (burying soldier in wells) and understand McClellan’s attempt to take advantage of Special Order 191 and Lee’s reaction to consolidate his scattered forces! You get a bonus too of Washington Stone Monument dedicated to GW and John Brown’s path of his raiders sneaking in Harper Ferry three years earlier.

  4. Antietam. There is so much there with the size of the preserved battlefield and stories of the units which served and fought.

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