Question of the Week: 9/25-10/1/2023

Which mountain with Civil War history is most interesting to you?

16 Responses to Question of the Week: 9/25-10/1/2023

  1. Cedar Mountain, where A.P. Hill saves Old Stonewall from the possible embarrassment of being defeated by (gasp! choke!) Napoleon Banks!?

  2. Lookout Mountain — though it’s actually an 18 mile long ridge, it’s highest ground is rocky, formidable and foreboding. Throw in an obscuring fog and mist limiting visibility and you have the alternate name of Battle Above the Clouds.

  3. Clark Mountain, located near Culpepper, Va. where R.E. Lee in the Spring of 1864 correctly predicted the upcoming crossing of the Union Army which started the beginning of the Overland Campaign.

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