Question of the Week: 10/16-10/22/23

Thinking about sites or battlefields connected to events in Autumn 1863… What’s your favorite site to visit?

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  1. Bristoe Station has a battlefield park which is nice. There is an associated driving tour for the campaign which is good. Mine Run has Payne’s Farm Battlefield. These campaigns do not have a lot of good sites to go to. I do enjoy the ones that are there.

  2. We like the Harper’s Ferry/Antietam area and the Shenandoah Valley environs. Hopefully we’ll visit Gettysburg in December or so.

  3. Following the loss of Harpers Ferry Armory to the Rebels in 1861 the U.S. Government deemed it necessary to establish a replacement facility, and quickly. An Act of Congress approved the creation of Rock Island Arsenal in 1862. But the ever-widening Civil War and progressive successes of U.S. Grant had filled most of the western POW camps by mid-1863. To accommodate the anticipated need for additional prisoner housing, construction of the Prison Camp at Rock Island, in the middle of the Mississippi River, was completed during Autumn of 1863; the first Confederate POWs arrived in December.
    Rock Island Prison Camp gains a mention in ‘Gone With the Wind.’ And its existence was often used as excuse for the cruelties inflicted by the Rebel authorities at Andersonville.

  4. My favorite Fall ‘63 sites start with Chickamauga and end with the Mine Run Campaign. From the first and largest to one of the most recent to garner attention and is being preserved now.

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