2023 ECW Symposium on C-SPAN!

Some of the filmed presentation from the 2023 Emerging Civil War Symposium are appearing on C-SPAN! Check your TV guide…or watch online.

Confederate General Braxton Bragg in Tennessee
Historian Cecily Zander discussed Confederate General Braxton Bragg, who achieved the most significant southern victory in the Western Theater at the 1863 Battle of Chickamauga but was later defeated by Union General Grant at Chattanooga that same year. Watch now

Siege of Charleston 1863
Historian Neil Chatelain discussed the Siege of Charleston Harbor in 1863, a combined naval and land assault, which he claims was a test of military and naval cooperation and an experiment with new technology and tactics. Watch now


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  1. I watched Cecily Nelson Zander’s presentation and was highly impressed. It was very informative and entertaining.

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