Bristoe Station 160th Anniversary Recap

If you missed last weekend’s Bristoe Station 160th anniversary, don’t worry–we have you covered!

Our own Dan Davis, Chris Mackowski, and Kevin Pawlak made a series of videos for the American Battlefield Trust to commemorate the anniversary. Kevin is the site manager at Bristoe Station Battlefield Heritage Park, which is operated by Prince William County, Virginia. Chris and Dan were on the scene in their capacities as historians with the Trust.

Joining them is Lance Russell, a site interpreter at Bristoe Station, and, behind the scenes, Sarah Kay Bierle!

And if that wasn’t enough Bristoe Station for you, you can catch our Vodcast from the Emerging Civil War YouTube page with Chris, Kevin, and historian Jeff Hunt, author of Meade and Lee and Bristoe Station.

And while you’re at it, don’t forget our Emerging Civil War Series title A Want of Vigilence: The Bristoe Station Campaign by Bill Backus and Rob Orrison, available from Savas Beatie.

2 Responses to Bristoe Station 160th Anniversary Recap

  1. Extremely well done, informative and entertaining. Thanks. Because I had not read about this topic in several years, these resources helped to refresh my understanding of the battle and its context.

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