ECW Weekender: 2023 Cedar Creek Reenactment

One of the questions that seems to come up regularly when I’m chatting with people in the public history setting is “where are the Civil War reenactments?” While there has been a decline in this type of event over the past years (for various reasons), there’s excellent news for this coming weekend if you’ve been looking for a Civil War reenactment.

The Cedar Creek Battlefield Foundation is hosting their battle anniversary reenactment on October 21-22, 2023. This reenactment is hosted on part of the Cedar Creek Battlefield in Virginia which is owned and interpreted by the foundation. The information on the event website notes: “The reenactment is hosted alongside many other activities to remember the men that fought here and to recognize the community that this battle affected. Complimented by educational programs such as presentations, displays, demonstrations, and the personal engagement of the reenactors with members of the public, this large-scale event offers a unique opportunity to step back in time and gain a new perspective in how this war, which ended nearly 160 years ago, shaped the world we live in today.”

This reenactment is a ticketed event, serving as a fundraiser for Cedar Creek Battlefield Foundation. Tickets can be purchased in advance and there are more details here: The event is “rain or shine,” and the forecasted weather for the lower (northern) Shenandoah Valley looks like some possible drizzle on Saturday and sun and clouds on Sunday.

Wishing the event coordinators and reenactors a safe weekend and successful fundraiser for battlefield interpretation!

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