Question of the Week: 10/23-10/29/23

Who’s your favorite Confederate Corps commander? Why?

(We’ll do Union Corps commanders next week…)

12 Responses to Question of the Week: 10/23-10/29/23

  1. General James Longstreet, he was very innovative and competent. General Lee should have followed his advice more.

  2. Have to say, James Longstreet. Deliberate in his thinking, tactically and operationally. Not afraid to dive into strategic thinking for the betterment of his cause.

  3. I am a cavalry guy so I like Wade Hampton as a cavalry corps commander after J.E.B. Stuart’s death in the east and in the Carolinas against Sherman.

  4. I have a soft spot for Longstreet. His were the first Civil War memoirs I read, and I think the arc of how he’s been perceived over time is really informative to the post-war history.

    Or maybe I just really like Tom Berenger.

  5. Patrick Cleburne, who commanded Hardee’s Corps in the Battle of Jonesboro, that ultimately secered the last railroad line supplying Atlanta that resulted in the city’s fall and destruction by Sherman before his march to the Sea. Cleburne’s denial of permanet corps command was due to the rejection of his suggestion in the winter of 1864 to arm the slaves and give them their freedom in return for their swelling the ranks of the Confederate armies to match the number of Union troops fighing atainst them, a move which Lee adopted a year later. Cleburne was far and away the best Confederat division commander in the Western Theater, and a far better general than any of the corps and army commanders he served under.

  6. Longstreet’s tactical skill exceeded any other Corp commanders, Union or Confederate. His defensive work at Antietam and Fredericksburg, his assaults at Second Manassas, and The Wilderness, and to a lesser extent at Gettysburg and Chickamauga were masterful. He was hardly flawless: he bungled at Fair Oaks, Fort Saunders and Southside, but all others had far worse days, consistently.

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