Question of the Week: 10/30-11/5/23

Who’s your favorite Union Corps commander? Why?

(We did Confederate Corps commanders last week…)

13 Responses to Question of the Week: 10/30-11/5/23

  1. Gouvernour K. Warren is my favorite Union Corps commander. He was very competent and a brilliant tactician. I have liked him for a long time, but especially after reading Frank Varney’s recent book.

  2. George Thomas was solid all around. Loyal for sure. Underrated. You’ll read in some books that his nickname was ‘Old Slow Trot.’ But he got that from his West Point days when he was an instructor and had NOTHING to do with his performances during the CW.

  3. My favorite commander was U. S. Grant. He put his boot on the neck of the south and forced their to surrender.

  4. My favorite Union Corp commander has to be Winfield Scott Hancock. When you haven’t been a corp commander long and the Army commander keeps putting you in places in difficult situations, like taking command of the soldiers on the field then General Howard out ranks you or having you take command of what left of third corp.

  5. I don’t about *favorite*, but I’ve always been interested by how long Burnside served as a corps commander, in so many different situations, on either side of his really ill-fated tenure commanding the AoP.

  6. Hancock the Superb, even if just for Gettysburg alone. He was everywhere on the field, directing troop movements, plugging gaps, anticipating actions. And he did this on all three days!

  7. John Alexander Logan was a Member of the U.S. House of Representatives, District of Southern Illinois, who took to the field during the 1861 Manassas Campaign… and soon had his own Regiment (31st Illinois Volunteers.) Severely wounded at Fort Donelson, within a year of his return to service Colonel Logan was promoted to Major General, performed well during the Vicksburg Campaign, and was elevated to command of Sherman’s XV Corps. Success of the Atlanta Campaign was arguably due to the performance of Logan and his men. An inspiring leader, John Logan set the example and shared the danger of front line service with his men; his creed could be summed up as: “Follow me.”

  8. Wright. He always did the heavy load lifting for Grant after Hancock’s II burned out. He was the adult in Sheridan’s room. Just did his job without any diva BS.

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