Question of the Week: 11/6-11/12/23

Do you have a favorite piece of Civil War that was created in the 19th Century or by a Civil War veteran?

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  1. For years I have loved Winslow Homer’s ‘The Veteran in a New Field’ and the two books of images by Robert Sneden. Homer was a war correspondent, not an enlisted soldier. Sneden by contrast enlisted in the 40th NYVI (the ‘Mozart Regiment’ from NYC) in 1861 and served in the Army of the Potomac as quartermaster and map maker until he was captured by Mosby and sent first to Libby Prison and then to Andersonville, from which he was released at Charleston on December 11, 1864.

  2. William Trego’s painting of the 5th Cavalry’s charge at Gaines Mill, which was the cover of my Virginia 1862 book.

  3. The cyclorama created in the late 1800s by Paul Philippoteaux depicting the Battle of Gettysburg. I don’t own it, but I wish I did!

  4. I’m drawn to Winslow Homer but my eyes are being opened by this serial on Civil War art. Digressation I can’t resist. The officers of the Elmira prison camp made bank money off the artistry of their prisoners selling carved bone rings and the such. I’d expect it was like that at all POW holding sites.

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