Upcoming Presentations: December ’23–January ’24

Who’s on the road for ECW this coming month? Here’s our upcoming travel schedule:

December 2023

7: Chris Mackowski, “Simply Murder: The Battle of Fredericksburg,” Fredericksburg Rotary

10: Jon-Erik Gilot, Kevin Pawlak, “John Brown’s Raid,” Dan Sickles Civil War Roundtable (virtual)

11: Sarah Kay Bierle, “Then Christmas Came,” Rappahannock Civil War Round Table, Fredericksburg, VA

14: Sarah Kay Bierle, “Louisa May Alcott & Civil War Christmas,” Hampton Roads Civil War Round Table, Hampton Roads, VA

19: Chris Kolakowski, “Douglas MacArthur as Military Leader,” National Museum of the US Army, “Grant Takes Command,” Twin Cities CWRT

21: Meg Groeling, “First Fallen: The Story of Col. Elmer Ellsworth,” Miami Civil War Round Table and Book Club (VIRTUAL) 3:30 p.m. PST

January 2024

4: Chris Mackowski, “Moments of Contingency and the Rise of Grant,” Petersburg (VA) Civil War Roundtable

8: Dwight Hughes, “The Naval Civil War in Theaters Near and Far,” Rappahannock Valley Civil War Round Table, Fredericksburg, VA

12: Chris Mackowski, “The Last Days of Stonewall Jackson,” Stonewall Jackson’s 200th Birthday, Lexington, VA

19: Dwight Hughes, “The Naval Civil War in Theaters Near and Far,” Civil War Round Table Congress (virtual)

24: Bert Dunkerly, “The Brown’s Island Explosion and the Search for the Victims” Fredericksburg VA Civil War Round Table


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