2023 Year in Review: Blog Series

Looking back, the Emerging Civil War Blog hosted some special series in 2023. Some loosely focused on the 160th anniversary and others highlighted themes from ECW events. As always, sending a big thank you to the authors and guest authors who participated in the series writing and to the readers for indulging us in our topical explorations.

Featured in February 2023, this series took shelter and explored some of the storms, snow, and heat of Civil War weather and its effects on life, campaigns, or battles.

Check out the blog post collection here: Civil War Weather

These posts published in April 2023 and focused those “shocking” moments in Civil War history. Perhaps a flank attack, a woman in the ranks, a baby born in camp, a swift move from McClellan, or an unlikely-but-true-tale, this series had plenty of startling research or reading moments along the way.

Check out the blog post collection here: Civil War Surprises

Commanding The Regiment took the spotlight in June 2023 as we featured the biographies and leadership of men who commanded units (or ships) during the Civil War. Some sought the leadership while others were forced into it by necessity or desperate circumstances, and this series offered a chance to explore leadership at different levels.

Check out the blog post collection here: Commanding The Regiment

Featured at the time of the Emerging Civil War Symposium (August 2023), this series pulled inspiration from the theme of the event and offered a chance to explore in greater depth the events, campaigns, and people who influenced 1863.

Check out the blog post collection here: 1863 – The Great Task Before Us

This blog series looked at how eyewitnesses or “interpreters” of the 19th Century remembered or imagined the Civil War through art. From soldiers who sketched to professional artists who saw camp and battle, the treasury of art and memory is vast, offering many perspectives explored in the blog posts.

Check out the blog post collection here: Civil War Art of the Era & Eyewitnesses

Thankful For…

The last official blog series of 2023 published in November and December, offering a chance for authors to reflect on the people they are thankful for in the history community.

Check out the blog post collection here: Thankful For…

We’re already prepping some ideas for new topics for 2024! Stay tuned…

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