Question of the Week: 4/22-28/24

In your opinion, who was the best dressed of the Civil War era?

15 Responses to Question of the Week: 4/22-28/24

  1. In the photos of the war, most folks look unattractively dressed. The men’s clothes are baggy and too hot, while the women’s clothes look terrible and seem like torture to wear. The French inspired uniforms are either too fussy or shabby.

  2. Is there any doubt? Robert E. Lee on his “I’m surrendering, but I have style” day!

  3. Assuming that he continued to dress the part of his nickname in his old age, “Old Fuss & Feathers” Winfield Scott.

  4. Napoleon III

  5. I’d never met her, so easily I could be wrong (not the first time today,) but I suspect Meg Groeling would say, “Colonel Elmer Ellsworth.”

    It’s a fun question, one I’m only skin deep on. I think that, Little Mac, photographed with his Napoleonic pose, and in starched uniform, who felt that he was smarter than the “well meaning baboon” president, and thus having an ego of Napoleonic proportion, would have been dressed to impress at all times. But in terms of fancy accessories, US Grant’s three stars was all it takes for me.

    Agreed with the post on Lee, he came first to my mind but you cleanly beat me to it. Everyone who described Lee said he was the image of a general.

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