ECW Podcast: Treasure and Empire in the Civil War

ECW’s Neil Chatelain discusses Treasure and Empire: The Panama Route, the West, and the Campaigns to Control America’s Mineral Wealth—gold, silver, and copper—during the Civil War.

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4 Responses to ECW Podcast: Treasure and Empire in the Civil War

    1. Thanks Pat! I appreciate the kind words and support! Happy to hear someone from the West thinks my thoughts on it are legit.

  1. Haven’t read or listened to this yet, but I want to warn Unionists that this will lead the discussion to an arena carefully avoided by Unionists – there were deep sectional financial issues which lead to the Civil War and had to do with slavery only peripherally. Told you so.

    1. Hey Carson, not quite. The first whole portion of my book examines territorial expansion of the United States, including the conflict in politics over the expansion of enslavement driving much of that growth, as well as an introduction to the financial system of both the US and Confederacy as the war commenced, including exploration of how the Confederacy lacked significant bullion reserves as the system of enslavement fostered wealth in owning people and land. Thus, the stage is set for the Confederacy to seek new lands and bullion as the war expanded. There is more of course, with other themes explored as US forces worked to solidify control of the West and Latina American maritime transportation networks.

      I’d also suggest you avoid putting words into an author’s mouth about their own work, especially while acknowledging you “haven’t read or listened to this yet.”

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