Bloody Angle 160

Here was the scene at Spotsylvania’s Bloody Angle at around 7:15 p.m., May 12, 2024. One hundred and sixty years earlier, the men of both sides were heading into their fifteenth hour of combat. The day was gray and rainy, not beautiful like it was this evening.

Watch the sun dip below the tree line and thinking of those fifteen hours, I was remind reminded of that description of Antietam as “the day the sun stood still.” (I can hear Travis Tritt singing it even now.) I can only imagine May 12, 1864, as one of those days when the sun seemed motionless behind the cloud cover.

It was so quiet, still, and beautiful tonight. So peaceful.

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  1. We were observing Mother’s Day yesterday and I remembered the date. It was about this very time, 7:15 PM. that I remembered the terrible carnage that was happening 160 years ago on May 12th. My Great Great Grandfather Samuel Stone lost his life at that Mule Shoe.

    “We Might As Well Die Here: The 53rd Pennsylvania Veteran Volunteer Infantry” by Irvin G. Myers

    53rd Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry; 2nd Corp Army of the Potomac

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