Question of the Week: What’s your favorite site of the Atlanta Campaign?

Last week we asked about the Overland Campaign. For this week, what’s your favorite site to visit related to the Atlanta campaign?

8 Responses to Question of the Week: What’s your favorite site of the Atlanta Campaign?

  1. My favorite site in the Atlanta campaign is Dead Angle on the Kennesaw Mountain Battlefield.

    Here, about 1000 troops belonging to Cheatham’s Division, supported by Cleburne, repulsed several attacks by 9,000 troops from Newton and Davis’ Divisions.

    Veterans of both the confederate and union divisions said the combat at Dead Angle was the most intense they Had ever experienced!

  2. Pickett’s Mill. This small battlefield is about 95% perfectly preserved as it was on May 27, 1864. Off the beaten path; but really almost absolutely pristine; like Blackstock’s or Musgroves Mill Rev War sites. It’s almost never crowded and walking the isolated paths; you can lose yourself in 1864.

  3. Cheatam’s Hill at Kennesaw mountain, then Ezra Church. That may have been O.O. Howard’s premier performance.

  4. Bald Hill (that unfortunately has been since devoured by a four lane highway) where aguably one of the most handsome Union generals Manning Force, whose brigade initially seized then successfully defendend the hill from attacks both front and rear. was awarded the Congressional Medeal of Honor but lost his unblemished features to a Confederate bullet

  5. My least favorite is a paved over Peach Tree Battlefield. We need American Battlefield Trust

  6. The battle of Resaca. Great grandfather was with the 21st Wisconsin infantry and was wounded in the left arm during the battle.

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