Symposium Spotlight: Overland Whirlwind

Welcome back to our spotlight series, highlighting speakers and topics for our upcoming symposium. Over the coming weeks, we will continue previewing of our speaker’s presentations for the 2024 Emerging Civil War Symposium. This week we feature John Hennessy’s topic.

Grant, his generals, and staff looking at maps during the Overland Campaign, just after the extended Battle of Spotsylvania Court House (colorized)

Overland Whirlwind—A Reflection on the Overland Campaign, May 1864

This program will look at the immense stakes, the mood of the nation[s], the armies, and what exactly made May 1864 the daunting human experience we have come to know.

Find more information and tickets for our 2024 Symposium by clicking here.

1 Response to Symposium Spotlight: Overland Whirlwind

  1. I’m sorry, but enlarge this image and look at Grant, holding his pipe. Hold him in your eye for five seconds. Does he not look as if he had determined to drive his head through a brick wall, and was about to do it? Or maybe I’ve been listening to too much Ode to Joy.

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