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A Conversation with Dave Roth (part one)

(part one in a five-part series) The recipient of Emerging Civil War’s Award for Service in Civil War Public History is Dave Roth, editor and publisher of Blue & Gray Magazine. After an incredible 34-year run, Dave decided he had … Continue reading

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A Monumental Discussion: Chris Mackowski

How many of you remember Piss Christ? In 1987, photographer Andres Serrano took a small plastic crucifix and submerged it in a glass of his own urine. He then took a photo and included it in a touring exhibit where, … Continue reading

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A Monumental Discussion: An Introduction

I was accosted at the office this week by one of my wife’s employees. “Hank,” as I’ll call him, is a sixty-something good ol’ boy with a mane of white hair and a shock of moustache that, in older times, … Continue reading

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Heads Up: Confederate Monuments

We have had dozens of emails this week (and many of us have had a similar number of comments/questions on our personal Facebook pages) about Confederate monuments. Beginning tomorrow, some of the historians here at Emerging Civil War will begin … Continue reading

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Statues of Stonewall

It’s probably no surprise that “Confederate statues” has shown up as a frequent term in the ECW search engine this week. In particular, people have been searching for “Stonewall Jackson statues.” Back in 2011, I put together a series, “Statues … Continue reading

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In the Wake of Vicksburg, U. S. Grant as Commander of the Army of the Potomac?

By early August, 1863, Ulysses S. Grant had settled into administrative routine following the fall of Vicksburg, Mississippi—but Grant wasn’t one to sit idle long. He had set his eye on Mobile, Alabama, which he was “very anxious to take” … Continue reading

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Our Next Cool Adventure: Turning Points

Look what arrived in my mailbox on Monday:

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Calm Before the Storm

All is quiet in Stevenson Ridge’s Lodge today as we prepare for this weekend’s ECW Symposium. It’s the quiet before the storm!

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A Chat with Dave Powell about The Battle Above the Clouds

Emerging Civil War correspondent Elyse Kuhn took the time recently to talk with ECW’s Dave Powell about Dave’s new book, Battle Above the Clouds. ———- Dave Powell never imagined himself as a history writer. However, it seems to be what … Continue reading

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A Conversation with the Biggest Civil War Roundtable in the Country (conclusion)

(The final installment of a six-part series) This week, ECW Editor-in-Chief Chris Mackowski has been talking with Mike Powell, president of the Brunswick (NC) Civil War Roundtable. With 1,200 members, it’s the largest roundtable in the country. Hopefully their conversations … Continue reading

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