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Stuart’s Promotion Prank

It’s pretty well documented that General J.E.B. Stuart liked to make jokes and play pranks on his peers and subordinates. Recently, I came across another one in the reminiscences of Thomas S. Garnett who served as a courier for the … Continue reading

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Book Review: The Maps of the Cavalry in the Gettysburg Campaign

The Maps of the Cavalry in the Gettysburg Campaign: An Atlas of Mounted Operations from Brandy Station through Falling Waters, June 9-July 14, 1863 By Bradley M. Gottfried Savas Beatie, 2020, $34.95 hardcover. Reviewed by Zachery A. Fry Seasoned followers … Continue reading

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“To Make A Foray”: A Letter From The Chickahominy Raid

This week I’ve been getting my notes ready for the Virtual Symposium filming session where I’ll be sharing about J.E.B. Stuart’s 1862 Chambersburg Raid. In the process of reviewing the historical information, I moved backward on the timeline and re-examined … Continue reading

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Can I Really “Jine the Cavalry”?

I was about ten years old when I first read a reference to the Civil War song “Jine the Cavalry” in a kid’s biography book about J.E.B. Stuart. Curious, I wrote a friend, asking if he knew the lyrics and … Continue reading

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Richmond Reports on General Stuart’s Ride Around McClellan

One of our editors was poking around Newspapers.com the other evening and stumbled across announcements of Confederate General J.E.B. Stuart’s famous (or infamous) ride around McClelland during the Peninsula Campaign. Occurring between June 12 and 15, 1862, the ride gathered … Continue reading

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Florida’s “Cow Cavalry”

Napoleon Bonaparte once prophetically stated, “An army marches on its stomach.” A simple yet very truthful statement and a point that brought major concern and consternation to many a military leader before and after the French leader uttered those six … Continue reading

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Question of the Week: 3/28-4/3/16

This week, Phill Greenwalt asks, “Was Fitzhugh Lee a good cavalry commander or a product of nepotism?” The same could be asked of Rooney Lee, too.

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Prelude to Antietam

Antietam, Sharpsburg—whichever name you prefer, it characterizes the bloodiest single-day in American history. On the fields surrounding this bucolic western Maryland town, 23,000 men became casualties. Even before that bloody late summer day, the campaign had born casualties. Although definitely … Continue reading

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Brandy Station…Fleetwood Hill

Our friend, Eric Wittenberg, is making a concerted effort on his blog to save 50 acres of the Brandy Station Battlefield. For those of you that may not be too familiar with the battlefield, we have posted a short story, … Continue reading

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