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A Conversation with Garry Adelman (part one)

part one of a six-part series If anyone in the Civil War community sets the bar for excitement and enthusiasm, it’s Garry Adelman. Garry is the chief historian for the American Battlefield Trust, and during his time with ABT, he … Continue reading

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Gettysburg Off the Beaten Path: The Rock of the 40th New York

Part of a series. When you first hear the nickname of the 40th New York Infantry, you might think that the regiment was filled with musicians marching off to serve in the Union Army. “The Mozart Regiment” has a nice … Continue reading

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“Old Rock” Benning’s Georgia Brigade at Gettysburg and Those Three Northern Guns Captured on July 2

Forty years ago, as a doctoral graduate student at Emory University, I received invitation to write about several Confederate generals for The Dictionary of Georgia Biography (2 vols., Athens, 1983). One of those whom I chose was Henry Lewis Benning, … Continue reading

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Alexander Gardner and the Good Death

Of the thousands of Civil War photographs, only several truly iconic images exist that specialists and non-specialists alike immediately recognize. One such image is the subject of today’s post: Timothy O’Sullivan’s “The Home of a Rebel Sharpshooter, Gettysburg.” The scene … Continue reading

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Modern Photography: Quiet Contradiction

ECW welcomes back guest author (and photographer!) Michael Aubrecht Battlefields are peculiar places. When you visit any hallowed grounds, everything is perfect. The grass is neatly trimmed and the marble markers are polished. The freshly painted cannons are all lined … Continue reading

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A Sharpshooter’s Postscript to Gettysburg, Part One: The Aftermath of Gettysburg

Part of a series. Today we welcome Robert (Rob) Wilson, M.Ed., lives in Western Massachusetts and works as a part-time consultant for the National Park Service at the Springfield Armory National Historic Site in Springfield, MA. He recently retired from … Continue reading

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Gettysburg Off the Beaten Path: Vincent’s Rock

Part of a series. Brigadier General Gouverneur K. Warren had been busy all of July 2nd. The early morning found him on the Federal right flank scouting the terrain for possible attack avenues in the Culp’s Hill sector. With the … Continue reading

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Sunset at Devil’s Den

A view west from the rocks of Devil’s Den toward the Emmitsburg Road.

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A Reexamination of “The Unique Style Confederate Hat”

Today, we are pleased to welcome back guest author Drew Gruber As students of Civil War we are excited when ‘new’ objects surface which add character, detail and color to our overall narrative. It is especially exciting when these objects … Continue reading

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