Maine at War October 2022 blog posts

In October 2022 my Maine at War blog examined topics ranging from British subjects joining the Union military effort to a newspaper editor casting a jaundiced eye on an Associated Press article. Plus a review of the new book, Gettysburg Faces: Portraits and Personal Accounts!

October 5, 2022: New Brunswick men bolstered the Union ranks during the Civil War

Despite the post-Trent Affair tensions between the United States and Great Britain, thousands of men from the Maritimes joined the Union war effort. Even Royal Army soldiers got into the act!

October 12, 2022: New book titled Gettysburg Faces is a compelling read

The recently released Gettysburg Faces: Portraits and Personal Accounts brings to life the Gettysburg Campaign by connecting it with the faces and names of 100 participants. Author Ronald S. Coddington (the Military Images publisher and editor) includes well-researched and informative biographies with each portrayed soldier or civilian.

October 19, 2022: Summer of ’63 rumor-mongers

Rumors ran wild in New England as Confederate troops invaded Maryland and Pennsylvania in June 1863. When a frightening Associated Press article out of Connecticut reached a newspaper editor in Gardiner, Maine, he delved deeper into the story.

October 26, 2022: Granite State Mainers

A Civil War monument in a small New Hampshire town identifies many local men who enlisted in Maine units. Are these soldiers actually “Granite State Mainers”?

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