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The Unlikely Sultana Monument

April 27 marks the anniversary of the explosion of the riverboat Sultana, which blew up on this date in 1865 near Memphis, TN. Overloaded with more than 2,100 passengers—most of them paroled Union prisoners—she went down when three of her … Continue reading

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Ending The War: Conclusion

We’re wrapping up the official series “Ending The War” and hope it provided some extra and interesting reading material these last few weeks. You’ll probably see a couple more posts in the coming weeks on the subject as we hit … Continue reading

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Ending the War in the ECW Archives

Before we end “Ending the War,” we want to invite you—on this 155th anniversary of the final of three surrender discussions at Bennett Place, NY—to tap into the ECW archives for more great posts about the end of the war.

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Ending The War: General Hancock & The Execution (Part 2)

Part 1 is available here Lincoln’s assassination changed everything. The ending of the Civil War might have merely been the surrender of Confederate armies and a prolonged discussion and action about Reconstruction with reconciliation at the forefront. With Booth’s bullet, … Continue reading

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Ending The War: General Hancock & The Surrender? (Part 1)

He had won his general stars on the battlefield, held the lines at Gettysburg, and been a trusted corps commander during the Overland Campaign. He had survived painful injury and returned to field command. He was a Democrat in politics … Continue reading

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The Ends of the War in Rectortown

I’ve come to Rectortown, Virginia, looking for one end of the war, but I’ve unexpectedly found several. (The anniversary of one of them is today, April 21, as it happened.) Thick puffs of clouds that look like smoky cotton balls … Continue reading

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Ending The War: The Darkest Day

“The darkest day of my life,” wrote Lieutenant William Whittle in his journal entry for August 2, 1865. “The past is gone for naught—the future is dark as the blackest night. Oh! God protect and comfort us I pray.” The … Continue reading

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Ending The War: What if this peace conference had happened?

In 2017, Terrianne Schulte posted a six part series about a proposed peace conference for March 1865. It was a conference where the leading officers on both sides—and their wives—would have played a significant role in brokering peace. It was … Continue reading

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Ending The War: John Wise’s Eulogy

And so I left them. As I rode along in search of the ford to which General Lee had directed me, I felt that I was in the midst of the wreck of that immortal army which, until now, I … Continue reading

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ECW Weekender: Touring Ford’s Theatre (Virtually)

Like so many historic sites, Ford’s Theatre in Washington D.C. is closed for guest and staff safety, with stage performances postponed. However, on this historic week when President Lincoln went to that theater one final time 155 years ago, we … Continue reading

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