Ending The War: What if this peace conference had happened?

In 2017, Terrianne Schulte posted a six part series about a proposed peace conference for March 1865. It was a conference where the leading officers on both sides—and their wives—would have played a significant role in brokering peace. It was Maj. General Edward O.C. Ord’s idea, proposed in the wake of the failure of the Hampton Roads peace conference on February 3, 1865. He had a plan to bring Generals Ulysses S. Grant and Robert E. Lee together in a military convention to do what the politicians of the time were unable to do, that is, find a path to peace. His plan also had a surprising twist. He wanted to bring old friends Julia Dent Grant and Maria Louisa (“Louise”) Longstreet together for a cordial reunion that could become a model for friends and families long divided by war. It was a remarkable idea for its time.

But it didn’t happened…

We invited you to check out the series in the archives and consider how it might have positively or negatively affected the ending the Civil War.

A “Visionary” Plan? The Proposed Peace Conference Series

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