Ending The War: Conclusion

We’re wrapping up the official series “Ending The War” and hope it provided some extra and interesting reading material these last few weeks. You’ll probably see a couple more posts in the coming weeks on the subject as we hit other 1865 anniversaries, so stay tuned! Here’s a review of all the posts in the series for easy reference today or in the future:

Ending The War: An Introduction

Soldiers of the Breakthrough

Fallen Cities

The Bonnie White Flag

April Anniversaries

A Union Prisoner on Lee’s Retreat

Ending The War, More or Less

“That’s Meade!”

Raising The Flag at Fort Sumter

“Like the Scenes of Some Hideous Dream”: Lewis Powell’s Assassination Attempt on Secretary of State Seward


James Tanner and His Cherished Memories of the Awful Night

“Tidings of Disaster So Momentous” – The 15th Ohio Learns of the Lincoln Assassination

Deep South Die Hards vs. James Wilson

ECW Weekender: Touring Ford’s Theatre (Virtually)

John Wise’s Eulogy

What If This Peace Conference Had Happened?

The Darkest Day

The Ends of the War in Rectortown

The Civil War and General Jim Mattis: Political-military relationship “trust up and down the chain”

General Hancock & The Surrender

General Hancock & The Execution

Ending the War in the ECW Archives

The Unlikely Sultana Monument

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