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A Ghoulish Relic from a Horse’s Death along the Valley Pike

There are weird things in American Civil War history…and then there are weird things. It’s October 31st and time to retrieve something very strange or ghoulish for discussion, so how about the preserved hoof of a horse? That’s right. A … Continue reading

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Question of the Week: 10/31-11/6/22

It’s Halloween… So what battlefield do you most dread (or love) with fog at early dawn or late twilight?

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“Almost Scared Speechless”

Sergeant D. H. Hamilton battled with the First Texas in Hood’s Brigade, a unit known for its fierce courage. But in the autumn of 1863, he had a “creepy” experience that reads almost like a classic ghost story. Read it … Continue reading

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Happy Halloween from Stonewall Steph

The year she was six (um, twenty-one years ago…), my daughter decided she wanted to dress up like her hero for Halloween. And so, Stephanie became Stonewall Jackson! Her mother made Steph a Stonewall Jackson costume from scratch. She didn’t … Continue reading

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ECW Weekender: Madison Cemetery Tour (Virtual)

This year Wisconsin Veteran Museum presents its 22nd Talking Spirits Cemetery Tour. In past years, the way to experience these stories was through an in-person exploration of the Madison’s Forest Hill Cemetery. But…now you can enter the graveyard and see … Continue reading

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Happy Halloween

All of us at Emerging Civil War wish you and your family a happy and safe Halloween. May it be filled with no tricks and lots of treats! ECW fan Jack Taber from Southern California in his Union uniform, just … Continue reading

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Things That Go BUMP in the Parlor: Spiritualism, Lincoln, and a Happy Hallowe’en

The tall, thin man with the sad face folded himself into an uncomfortable Italianate armchair in the Red Room of the Executive Mansion. “So this is our ‘little Nettie’ is it, that we have heard so much about? Well, how … Continue reading

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Question of the Week: 10/29-11/4/18

Halloween is coming up… What’s the strangest, scariest Civil War story you’ve heard or read? Does it have factual base or is it a good legend?

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Coming Soon: A Grisly Night at the Museum

You’ll want to hurry if you’re planning to attend a “ghoulish night” at the National Museum of Civil War Medicine this coming weekend. Here’s an event description from the museum website and links to get your tickets. (Thanks, Meg Groeling, for … Continue reading

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The Rise of Spirit Photography

As we near Halloween, thoughts of ghosts and spirits often come to the minds of visitors at historic places. I have recently started getting questions about ghosts, and this got me thinking about spirits “seen” by people in the 19th … Continue reading

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