ECW Weekender: Madison Cemetery Tour (Virtual)

This year Wisconsin Veteran Museum presents its 22nd Talking Spirits Cemetery Tour. In past years, the way to experience these stories was through an in-person exploration of the Madison’s Forest Hill Cemetery. But…now you can enter the graveyard and see everything, right from your computer! October 31 adventures from the couch, anyone?

Virtual tours have their advantages, too. As the museum points out, the virtual option allows you to explore places that an in-person tour usually doesn’t allow and you’ll see even more interesting photos and objects. The tour is interactive with special videos and learning tools and, if completed in entirety, lasts about an hour. There are clear details on the Virtual Tour’s website for easy access and navigation tips.

As you’re wandering through the cemetery, you’ll want to look for Old Abe—the Civil War war eagle. If you find him, take note and you’ll be able to enter a drawing for a plush Old Abe to guard your library!

Madison Cemetery Tour: 22nd Annual Talking Spirits Cemetery Tour presented by the Wisconsin Veterans Museum. Website:

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