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Saving History Saturday: Restoring an Anchor

This week the U.S. Naval War College Museum announced that a restoration project is underway for an 11,000 pound exhibited anchor that once belonged to the USS Constellation. The ship commissioned in 1855 and took part in the Civil War … Continue reading

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Saving History Saturday: Mapping Earthworks in Georgia

Civil War era earthworks cross the 100-acres of Hampton-Beecher Nature Preserve, located in southwest Atlanta. It’s believed that these remains may be the last of encampment trenches in the Georgian city.

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Saving History Saturday: Louisiana’s Most Endangered Historic Places, 2021

The following original press release came from the Louisiana Trust for Historic Preservation: Announcing the 2021 Louisiana Most Endangered Places (For Immediate Release) Baton Rouge, LA -?Louisiana is known for its rich history and cultural diversity. Louisiana’s historic sites represent … Continue reading

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Saving History Saturday: Cabin Site Discovered Where Harriet Tubman Lived

It started with an archaeologist finding a coin dated 1808, and ended with the discovery of a cabin site identified as the dwelling of Harriet Tubman’s father. Located in swampy land on Maryland’s Eastern Shore, the home once belonged to … Continue reading

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Women & Preservation: A Chat with Stephanie Huffman about Saving Family History

Part of a Series There are many types of historic preservation, beyond saving battlefields. One preservation effort is researching and keeping artifacts and documents. Many times this is done professionally by museums and archives. Other times private collectors save and … Continue reading

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Saving History Saturday: Freedom Colonies in Texas

When the Civil War ended in 1865, approximately 250,000 formerly enslaved people in the state of Texas faced an uncertain future. Although freed from slavery, challenges and difficulties remained as families searched for places to live, jobs, and community. Self-sufficient, … Continue reading

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Saving History Saturday: Fort D Historic Site Completes Renovations

Earlier this month, the Parks & Recreation Department of the city of Cape Girardeau in Missouri announced the completion of renovations at Fort D Historic Site. The new roof, flagpole and sign have been installed, and a small ribbon cutting … Continue reading

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Saving History Saturday: Maine’s Historical Survey for Preservation

Battlefields need preserving, but so do sites or buildings in the hometowns where Civil War soldiers hailed from…and here’s some interesting news from the homefront in the far north. The Maine Historic Preservation Commission and several other organizations have launched … Continue reading

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This Place Mattered – St. Bridget of Erin in St. Louis

In early 2016, demolition crews rolled up to one of St. Louis’ oldest churches, St. Bridget of Erin. Demolition crews ploughed their way into her beautiful front brick façade and soon enough, this 19th-century church was just a pile of … Continue reading

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Saving History Saturday: New Preservation & Interpretive Grant For Maryland

In the midst of a challenging week, some positive preservation news came from Maryland. More than $5 million has been given through a grant for historic preservation and tourism.

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