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This Place Mattered – St. Bridget of Erin in St. Louis

In early 2016, demolition crews rolled up to one of St. Louis’ oldest churches, St. Bridget of Erin. Demolition crews ploughed their way into her beautiful front brick façade and soon enough, this 19th-century church was just a pile of … Continue reading

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Saving History Saturday: New Preservation & Interpretive Grant For Maryland

In the midst of a challenging week, some positive preservation news came from Maryland. More than $5 million has been given through a grant for historic preservation and tourism.

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Saving History Saturday: How’s COVID-19 Affecting Preservation Organizations?

Yesterday’s article in the Architectural Digest asked a key question for preservation of historical homes and structures: “will historic preservation survive COVID-19?” Diving deeper, the author shared insight from Historic Savannah Foundation, the Los Angeles Conservancy, a chairman of the … Continue reading

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New Preservation Easement Near Antietam National Battlefield

Earlier in May, Maryland’s Washington County Board of Commissioners unanimously approved an easement to preserve more than 60 acres near Antietam National Battlefield. The 61.31 acres is located off Rohrersville and Locust Grove roads. The Rural Legacy Program allowed for … Continue reading

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Saving History Saturday: Looking at the History of Preservation

Historic preservation is the practice of thinking through how to manage historic resources, and can include things like cemeteries, whole neighborhoods, farms or infrastructure. It encompasses the creation of places like historic house museums that are open to the public, … Continue reading

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Saving History Saturday: Iowa City Seeks To Save Historic 1860’s Buildings

Since earlier this year, citizens of Iowa City, Iowa, have been advocating to preserve the remaining historic buildings dating back to the Civil War period. When asked about their importance to community historic awareness and a connection to the Civil … Continue reading

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Limb Pit at Manassas National Battlefield Continues to Show the Horrors of Civil War Medicine

After over 150 years, the Civil War is still one of the mostly widely studied historical moments in history with new discoveries continuously being made. Recently one of these extraordinary finds took place while workers were digging at a construction … Continue reading

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Question of the Week: 2/26-3/4/18

Through the recent decades, battlefield preservation organizations have saved significant tracts of Civil War battlegrounds. Is there a particular preservation effort that you think was most important? Why?

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Preservation News: CVBT Announces Preservation Award Recipient

Our friends at the Central Virginia Battlefields Trust have recently released their Winter 2017-2018 newsletter, On the skirmish line. In this latest issue, they share the news of the recent recipient of their Dr. Michael P. Stevens Preservation Award, D.P. … Continue reading

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A Message from the Central Virginia Battlefields Trust

This week in our Preservation News, we share with you a message from Tom Van Winkle, president of the Central Virginia Battlefields Trust. The CVBT works tirelessly to preserve and interpret battlefields in Central Virginia. If you have not already … Continue reading

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