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What If James Longstreet Had Been at the North Anna River?

I’ve long maintained that James Longstreet’s wounding in the Wilderness had a bigger negative impact on the Army of Northern Virginia in the immediate moment than the wounding of Stonewall Jackson a year earlier at Chancellorsville. In fact, the wounding … Continue reading

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General Cullen Battle’s Leadership & Kindness

As Confederate General Cullen A. Battle walked among his regiments during the battle of The Wilderness, he saw the mental strain of war on his men. Unlike other generals who had no patience with so-called shirkers, Battle responded with remarkable … Continue reading

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The “Fighting Naturalist” of the 19th Massachusetts

It was hot and muggy most of the time. It rained frequently and the men made acquaintance of the “wood tick,” and enumerable bugs and specimens of insect life hitherto unknown to them. The very earth moved with “new life.” … Continue reading

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Commentary from the Bookshelves – Challenges of Command in the Civil War: Generalship, Leadership, and Strategy at Gettysburg, Petersburg, and Beyond, Volume I: Generals and Generalship by Richard J. Sommers

ECW welcomes guest author Ben Powers Sommers’ Challenges of Command in the Civil War is a series of essays that provide a comprehensive view of generalship during the American Civil War by examining the combat records of commanders throughout the … Continue reading

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The Romney Expedition: “Jackson’s Pet Lambs” and Loring’s Protests

Part 3 of a series “General Jackson now proceeded to place the command of General Loring in winter quarters, near Romney, and to canton Boggs’ brigade of militia along the south branch, from that town to Moorefield, with three companies … Continue reading

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Question of the Week: 12/13/21-12/19/21

I was delighted to come home from Tennessee the other day to find a box of books from, of all places, the University of Tennessee Press. It contained copies of my latest book, Decisions at Fredericksburg, published by UTP as … Continue reading

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Question of the Week: 9/27-10/3/21

Last week we asked about grumpy commanders, so let’s change to the opposite side: In your opinion, who was the most positive leader during the Civil War? Why and do you think his optimism well founded or naïve?

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Lee’s Luck

Emerging Civil War welcomes back guest author John Roos… As the 214th birthday of Robert E. Lee has come and gone, I couldn’t help but to reflect on the general. Living in the Fredericksburg area, and giving tours on all … Continue reading

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Women’s History Month: Favorite Leadership Moments History Chat

Earlier this month, Chris Mackowski invited the women of ECW to join a Zoom meeting to chat about Civil War leadership and offer their perspectives and voices on the subject. JoAnna M. McDonald, Cecily Nelson Zander, and Sarah Kay Bierle … Continue reading

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Assessing the Enemy: James Longstreet and John Pope at Second Bull Run

Union general John Pope’s decision-making during the campaign of Second Bull Run has been justly scrutinized by historians and armchair generals alike. In large part this scrutiny has stemmed from Pope’s bombast upon his arrival in Virginia and his failure … Continue reading

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