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Book Review: The Civil War in Maryland Reconsidered

Reviewed by Zachery A. Fry Among the more common images in Civil War political history is that of Maryland being held in the Union at the point of the bayonet. That traditional view—Maryland loyalty enforced by cold steel—highlights a military … Continue reading

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ECW Weekender: National Museum of Civil War Medicine

In honor of the recently launched Medical series on the blog, I thought we’d highlight a special museum for this week’s ECW Weekender. Before my visit to the National Museum of Civil War Medicine in Frederick Maryland, the most I … Continue reading

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Saving History Saturday: Cabin Site Discovered Where Harriet Tubman Lived

It started with an archaeologist finding a coin dated 1808, and ended with the discovery of a cabin site identified as the dwelling of Harriet Tubman’s father. Located in swampy land on Maryland’s Eastern Shore, the home once belonged to … Continue reading

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John A. Dix, Troubleshooter

ECW welcomes back guest author Leon Reed A single patriotic envelope with an enigmatic message led me to the story of one of the Civil War’s more interesting figures. John A. Dix was a New York politician and businessman who … Continue reading

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To Spurn the Southern Scum? Union Soldier Motivation to Liberate Maryland in September 1862

Accounts abound of Union officers exhorting their men during the Battle of Gettysburg to fight ferociously as if the safety of their loved ones and their homes depended on it. On July 1, 1863, retreating Union cavalrymen passed through the … Continue reading

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Saving History Saturday: New Preservation & Interpretive Grant For Maryland

In the midst of a challenging week, some positive preservation news came from Maryland. More than $5 million has been given through a grant for historic preservation and tourism.

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Civil War Trails: St. Mary’s County Maryland

When is the last time you took a journey to South-Eastern Mainland Maryland? Start planning your trip today as you imagine what life could be like outside of quarantine. Amongst all of the rural beauty of Southeastern Maryland, we think … Continue reading

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Saving History Saturday: Nearly $1 Million Allocated to Save 12 African-American History Sites in Maryland

There is no better way to honor Black History Month than to preserve the sites related to African American heritage and history. Last week, it was announced that the Maryland Commission on African American History and Culture, as well as … Continue reading

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Lew Wallace Secures the B&O– For the First Time (Pt. 1)

Lew Wallace, the Hoosier lawyer-turned soldier, readied his command for its move. His objective was a vital connection of the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad whose trains were badly needed to transport material and manpower. Wallace wrote later, “The need of … Continue reading

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Civil War Trails: Chestertown, Maryland

Looking for a nice weekend getaway with a side of history? Let us recommend a visit to Chestertown. Take a long walk along the tree lined streets and soak up the impressive collection of period buildings that Chestertown boasts.

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